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The Flash Season 3 Episode 6The Flash Season 3 Episode 6

Director: J.J. Makaro

Stars: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama

IMDB Rating: 7.9

Release: 29 Nov 2016 (Usa)

The Flash Season 3 Episode 6 ”Shade ” :- Watch The Flash Season 3 Episode 6 on putlockerwatch.comWally starts to have visions of him being Kid Flash so Barry tells him the truth about his powers in Flashpoint. Meanwhile, the rest of the group find out about Caitlin’s Killer Frost powers.For an ep that was supposed to advance Wally’s and Caitlin’s arcs, it was incredibly boring/repetitive. We got yet another rehash of keeping secrets/hissy fits when said secrets are exposed/protective dad/whiny (developing) speedster/come to jeebus. All of which drowned out Cisco/Caitlin moments, Joe/Cecile/HR almost movie night, Iris making sure Joe went on his date/Barry reaching out to Julian, character moments that should have otherwise made the ep work despite itself.I hope Iris is smarter than Barry gives her credit for. Any person with 2 working brain cells would know that “there’s no Flash without you” is a sop.The show continues its dedicated/wildly successful plan to turn Barry from hero to heel. With Wally and Caitlin taking their places as Barry’s latest victims. Once again, it’s up to team flash to come up with solutions while he…failed to accomplish anything.Side note: unless it rivals Superman Returns in how not to do a superhero movie while its TV counterpart is still airing, the show better take itself off the air before the Flash movie comes out.Sam and Gilly and this may be way how Jon and Daenerys get

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