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First LadylandFirst Ladyland (2017)


Director: David Freid

Stars : n/a

Genre : Documentary | Comedy

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Release: 25 Feb 2017 (Usa)

First Ladyland :- Watch First Ladyland on,This film was apparently made by chance – some US filmmakers were in another European country at the time of the inauguration, and drove across to Slovenia to capture the mood in response to having one of their own inside the White House.The construct is one of upbeat absurdity. The content mixes travelogue, quirky characters, baseless hope, entertaining oddities, and a general tone of absurdity that works very well. It isn’t mocking, but it is a film of curious bemusement – which at this point more or less still reflects the view of the Trump presidency. That is wearing thin now perhaps, but certainly in the first days there was a feeling of disbelief and curious detachment – so the film’s tone matches that well. How well that tone ages will need time to tell – but certainly it will not be the emotion towards Trump for long.In the meantime, this is an amusing little curio of a film, and worth a look just for its well-judged tone.

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