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Female Fight Squad (2017)


Director : Miguel A. Ferrer

Stars : Amy Johnston, Cortney Palm, Rey Goyos

IMDB Rating : 4.2

Genre : Action | Drama

Release Date : 16 Nov 2017

Female Fight Squad :- Watch . Female Fight Squad on, Only idleness and an abundance of spare time spurs me to write this review as honestly, it’s not really worth the time.That Dolph Lungren features in it should tell you where it rests on the spectrum of production. He’s so firmly entrenched in the ‘B’ movie film category, that anyone who casts him is blatantly defining the boundaries of achievement their films can reach. Not that I have anything against him, as he was once one of my favoured action movie stars, but there is no denying the status of the roles he commands.OK, the film is trash; what little of a story that’s present is ridiculous; the acting is terrible, real 101 school dropout standard; in fact, rather than go through defining elements and giving assessments, just suffice to say everything is at the very least below par.If your expecting to see a female version of the movie ‘Fight Club’ forget it. Aside from the title similarities this bares no resemblance to the original (though I can’t say I blame them for attempting to gain a quick buck from the title publicity). Really this is just a bunch of young fit women latex clothing play-fighting, but they may as well be in their underwear pillow fighting given the experience the film is trying to portray.Unless your looking for a cheap thrill watching women tight shorts with half their assets on display pantomime fight scenes, avoid at all costs.

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