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Down on the FarmDown on the Farm (2017)


Director: Kostas Macfarlane

Stars: Bobby Catalano, William McNamara, Bill Oberst Jr.

Genre: Animation

IMDB Rating: 2.9

Release: 14 Feb 2017 (Usa)

Down on the Farm :– Watch Down on the Farm on,Though it looks like the idea may be a hard sell for the next four years, conservation and capitalism can peacefully co-exist, as demonstrated by the subjects of “Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman.” This three-part documentary, inspired by Miriam Horn’s recent nonfiction tome, profiles four men sustainably living off the land (and sea). They’ve all successfully adopted progressive new methods, in acknowledgement that Mother Nature is no longer an infinitely renewable resource. Susan Froemke and John Hoffman’s pleasant, informative feature, which unfolds in as apolitical a manner as possible, is clearly a broadcast-tailored item that will make its debut on the Discovery Channel in August.Though once upon a time most Americans performed the titular jobs in one way or another, these days only about 1% of the populace earn such existential livings. The small, sustainable family-run operations of yore have largely given way to large-scale enterprises whose need to maximize yield and lower costs (especially labor costs) in highly competitive markets have encouraged approaches whose immediate advantages nonetheless often bring long-term negative consequences — particularly to the environment.
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