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Every Christmas Has a StoryEvery Christmas Has a Story (2016)

Director: Ron Oliver

Stars: Lori Loughlin, Colin Ferguson, Willie Aames

Genre: Comedy | Romance

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Release: 12 Nov 2016 (Usa)

Every Christmas Has a Story :-Watch Every Christmas Has a Story on,When newsreader Lori Loughlin says on air that she doesn’t like Christmas, she and her producer, ex-lover Colin Ferguson are shipped to Christmas-centric Hollyvale so she can “find her Christmas spirit”. Can she do that when the town seems to be losing its own?I sat down to watch this Hallmark TV Christmas movie, expecting it to be pretty much predictable standard fare, but soon found it something entirely different. The script started in one direction and quickly veered into a mystery about the town and then into yet another one, eventually revealing itself as a meditation on what Christmas means to people in a secular age.Although the stand-out role in these movies is usually some old-time performer in a support role, intended to please old geezers like me (“These young whippersnappers don’t know how to hold your attention!”), here the laurels belong to Mr. Ferguson with his rubber-faced reaction shots. Well done all around!OK…I felt this movie lacked hearat! It’s about a famous news anchor/reporter and her “best”friend from college/producer that ended up going to a small town to report on Christmas. I am a big fan of Lifetime movies and no matter how corny, predictable, etc. I still love them. This one was disappointing! I like Lori Loughlin but in this movie, I didn’t feel it with her. She seemed negative from beginning to end. Very little emotion and warmth. There is a scene in the beginning where the two check into a hotel. A teenager, who works at the hotel, (Loughlin’s actual daughter) carries their heavy suitcases up the stairs and neither character offers to help this woman, a star-struck girl. Like I said, it just lacked any warmth, love, emotion, etc.

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