Watch Eternal: A Star Wars Fan Film (2017) Movie Online Free

Eternal A Star Wars Fan FilmEternal: A Star Wars Fan Film (2017)


Director: Alex Harrison

Stars : Chrissie Chanel, Vinnie Clarke, Aaron Liburd

Genre : Short | Sci-Fi

IMDB Rating: 5.0

Release: 26 Sep 2017 (Usa)

Eternal: A Star Wars Fan Film :– Watch Eternal: A Star Wars Fan Film on,I hate giving fan films a negative review, because we all know from whence they come: enthusiasm and a minimal budget. Even a bad fan film is still an effort of love for the genre, so unless one is really, really bad, rating one properly is a tricky balancing act between appreciating pro efforts and recognizing decent amateur attempts.I give this some credit because of the interesting foundation– a time long before Skywalker, when the Sith and Jedi are at their most powerful and fighting an intergalactic war. I’m not a Star Wars expert so I’m not sure if the concept of a third powerful group is new or old hat. Avoiding spoilers but dealing with the plot: the points made are valid– that both the Sith and the Jedi are extremes and a possible pox on the universe by their very existence. Jedi begets Sith which war upon Jedi and require new Jedi which beget Sith– that’s the storyline evidently now being pursued by the Disney franchise. Which is worse– the Sith or the Jedi? I am guessing none of us alive today will see the end of that story.Where this fan film falters however is in the obvious essential areas: poor script, poor story line, amateur fight choreography and excessive acting, bad directing. All of these are forgivable in a fan film with the exception of script and story line– and I never cut anyone slack there. I stand that if one is going to undertake such a project, they need a sensible, well-rounded, well-scripted story from the beginning or they need to drop the project until they have one. A weak story is the same as building a house without a foundation. No matter how pretty it looks, eventually it’s going to crumble.

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