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Escaping DadEscaping Dad ( 2016)


Director: Ross Kohn

Stars : Sunny Mabrey, Jason Wiles, Grace Van Dien

Genre : Thriller

IMDB Rating: 7.1

Release: 21 May 2017

Escaping Dad :- Watch Escaping Dad on,Typical Lifetime movie involving an abused wife. This time the Lifetime Bad Guy (LBG) is District Attorney Darren, who has been married to Lifetime Heroine (LH) Erin for 11 years. They have two kids, Amy and Charlie. Amy is the LH’s daughter from a prior marriage and the requisite Lifetime rebellious teen (RT), while Charlie is their son and is a diabetic. Erin looks like a younger Emily Deschanel. It’s an average movie and yet another ripoff of Sleeping With The Enemy, this time with kids.
The movie opens with the LH driving with two kids and a police car is then behind them. Before we find out what happens next, flashback to 6 days earlier. The LBG shows early on he is an abuser and micro-manager control freak. The LH is not allowed to wear red lipstick, and he questions every dollar she spends. In the first domestic violence incident, the LBG knocks down the LH and she gets a cut on her forehead.
The LH has lunch with a friend that picks up on her being abused and offers her a place to stay in California. We get a title drop as they are talking and an Amber Alert comes across the LH’s phone.

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