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The Emeryville ExperimentsThe Emeryville Experiments (2016)

Director: Pritesh Chheda

Stars: Rebecca Chulew, Shayla Bagir, Tess Cline

Genre: Horror, Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.9

Release: 20 August 2016 (USA)

The Emeryville Experiments:- Watch The Emeryville Experiments on, Four college students, returning from spring break, crash their car in an isolated New England countryside. Stranded in middle of nowhere, they seek help in Emeryville – an old, dilapidated western village, off the map. A seemingly well-mannered village caretaker extends an offer of a place to stay the night until a mechanic can arrive the following morning. With nightfall quickly approaching, the group isn’t left with a choice. As time passes, the new comers discover that Emeryville was once a ground for secret clinical experiments gone awry. It slowly becomes clear that the residents are far from normal and that their society abides by a set of rules. And one such rule is, “We keep the ones we need”. Trapped in remote village miles from civilization & fearing for their lives, the group plots an escape. When the villagers realize that their escape could threaten Emeryville’s very existence, the group finds themselves hunted by a strange breed of craziesThe Emeryville Experiments certainly isn’t a bad movie, it’s just plagued by some terrible pacing that should not be surprise for a film with new actors and shoe string budget. The film does not make eerie people looking like freaks, which is a good thing, they really needed to be. the director uses sound design effectively to amply the tension instead of relying on blood and gore. The violence was contained per my personal taste, but it wasn’t as bad as some others I’ve seen. The 82 minute run time was pretty short, but it fit this movie, any longer would’ve been a drag. The first time actors did a pretty good job with their roles. The action scenes were okay. The only complain I have is that the actual story took a while before starting. Act 2 and Act 3 do justice. Overall, the picture deserves 9/10. Descent popcorn movie for a Friday evening.

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