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Electric Nostalgia (2016)


Director : Jacob Burns

Stars : Lauren Analla, Josh Bonzie, Cait Brasel

IMDB Rating : 6.2

Genre : Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi

Release Date : 13 Oct 2016

Electric Nostalgia :- Watch . . Electric Nostalgia on, Startled awake, a woman emerges from a vat of undisclosed oil and mucus. A glistening, open hand breaks the surface of the gelatinous medley, like an unworldly creature finally taking form from a primordial sludge. Enter Jacob Burns’s Electric Nostalgia, a science-fiction mystery following Alexis (Lauren Analla) and her traumatic journey inside a body she involuntary finds herself within. Set against an urban backdrop inadvertently bounding between twentieth-century décor and strange technology, the piece seeks to instill a tension brought on by confusion and a desperate need to find answers.Burns opted to discuss some of Electric Nostalgia’s more overt facets a few days prior to its world premiere at the 2016 Dead Center Film Festival, including the film’s unique aesthetic, his classic and contemporary influences, and a few of the sources of terror the piece readily cites.

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