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Election NightElection Night (2017)


Director: Manny Velazquez

Stars : Jeffrey Entwistle, Angie Velazquez, Jason Barone

IMDB Rating : 2.9

Genre : Thriller | Horror

Release Date : 13 Oct 2017

Election Night :- Watch . Election Night on,A Manny Velazquez underground indie horror/political thriller film and spin-off to “Slasher Night (2017)”. Taking place on before and after Donald Trump becomes president of the United of States and terror and mayhem fills the streets, Along with a few serial killers on the loose that leaves behind a trail of blood.Events taking place, before and after, the 2016 Election Night, takes a turn for the worst as a group of serial killers are on the loose, tormenting and torturing the residents of the Chicago area..

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