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Earth: One Amazing DayEarth: One Amazing Day (2017)


Director: Richard Dale, Lixin Fan

Stars : Robert Redford, Jackie Chan

IMDB Rating : 7.8

Genre : Documentary | Family

Release Date : 06 Oct 2017

Earth: One Amazing Day :- Watch . Earth: One Amazing Day on,At least that’s how it feels, as such offerings pop up with regularity in theaters and on television. But BBC Earth Film’s sequel to its popular Earth has several things going for it. The film largely avoids the treacly anthropomorphism that afflicts Disney’s efforts and makes them resemble live-action versions of cartoons. And it features genuinely stunning photography that certainly benefits from being seen on the big screen. Narrated by Robert Redford, Earth: One Amazing Day proves inspirational in its depiction of the wonders of the natural world.That the documentary begins with a shot of an adorable giant panda indicates that the filmmakers (there are three directors in all) know their audience. Indeed, at times the film plays like a greatest hits compilation, as with a lengthy segment devoted to, you guessed it, penguins, those superstars of the genre.

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