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DumbbellsDumbbells (2014)

Director: Christopher Livingston

Stars: Brian Drolet, Hoyt Richards, Taylor Cole

Genre: Comedy

IMDB Rating: 3.5

Release: 10 Jan 2014 (Usa)

Dumbbells :-Watch Dumbbells on,A former basketball star suffering from a knee injury looks to rehab himself at a rundown Los Angeles gym.What can be said about “Dumbbells” that hasn’t already been said about “Porky’s”,”Losin’ It”, “Fraternity Vacation”, “The Last American Virgin”, “Screwballs”, “Private Resort”, “Hot Dog: The Movie”, etc.? Not much, actually. They’re all movies aimed at a specific audience demographic (young, horny males) and are filled with the requisite T & A and low-brow humor. They aren’t all terrible films, but they won’t end up on any AFI “Best” list, either. They set the bar low and, more often than not, succeed at some level.So it is with “Dumbbells”, a new film directed by Christopher Livingston and seeing a limited theatrical release now as well as being available via Video-on-Demand. This low-budget, amiable piece of cinematic fluff tells the tale of one Chris Long (Brian Drolet), art major and superstar forward for the NCAA basketball powerhouse that is LA Tech. (That alone is good for a laugh…) who after wrecking his knee, finds himself working at a dead-end job in a rundown gym. Things look to be going from bad to worse when the gym is taken over by former male supermodel Jack Guy (former male supermodel Hoyt Richards) who has dreams of producing a gym-based reality TV series to be hosted by Fabio. (Yes, apparently in Hollywood people still have dreams involving Fabio…) Things go from bad to worse to worser when Jack discovers a cult he was once involved in has absconded with all his money. Ah, but he has a plan to recover his money and save the gym. And so it goes…

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