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DroneDrone ( 2017)


Director: : Jason Bourque

Stars: Mary McCormack, Sean Bean, Joel David Moore

Genre: Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Release: 26 May 2017 (Usa)

Drone :- Watch Drone on,It is not surprising at all to say that this terrible film is entirely xenophobic and inaccurate. In a world where people like Donald Trump is the president, this piece of crap only adds fuel to the fire.I don’t really understand a lot of things in the film. First of all why is the guy who plays a Pakistani businessman a Canadian ? Sure he has Arabic heritage, but what does Arab have anything to do with Pakistan. They’re not the same race. Was it that hard for the makers of this film to do even a little research ? Then there’s the fact that drone operations are being conducted in Karachi. Seriously ? The only drone strikes which have been conducted in Pakistan are in Waziristan near the Afghanistan border and Karachi is far far away. Then comes the name of the Pakistani businessman Imir. Imir is an Arabic name or maybe I think and again has absolutely no connection with Pakistan. Not only that but the presence of Taliban in Karachi, the use of Tata Indica cars (talk about inaccuracy, that’s India) and the poor construction and visual effects on Pakistan and even showing the flag wrong.
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