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Dream of a ShadowDream of a Shadow (2016)

Director: : Nikita Ballas

Stars: Spiros Cheliotis, Nikita Ballas, Ioanna Pilihou

Genre: Drama

IMDB Rating: 5.4

Release: 2016 (Austrlia)

Dream of a Shadow :-Watch Dream of a Shadow on,Spiros is one of the many new migrants from Greece who seek a better life in Australia. But as he soon realizes, new dreams come at a great cost.ump scares and a frantic parent shielding her child from ominous supernatural forces: These tropes are hardly new to the horror genre, but they receive a fresh spin in “Under the Shadow,” the feature-length debut of Iranian director Babak Anvari. The Tehran-set story takes place in 1988, as Iraqi bombs rain down at the height of the two countries’ war, an enticing historical backdrop for things that go bump in the night.On the face of it, the setting of “Under the Shadow” may call to mind 2014’s black-and-white Iranian vampire tale “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” but the similarities stop with the nationality and demonic presence. Instead, “Under the Shadow” bears a closer similarity to “The Babadook,” released the same year, which also focused on a mother protecting her kid from an an eerie, largely unseen figure who may or may not be a
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