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DragonfyreDragonfyre (2013)


Director : Kohl Glass

Stars : Rusty Joiner, Masiela Lusha, Wesley John

IMDB Rating : 3.5

Genre : Action | Adventure | Fantasy

Release Date : 06 sep 2013

Dragonfyre :- Watch Dragonfyre on,I created an account just for this movie. I had very low expectations as with most lesser known movies these days and this one slid under the bar (world record in the limbo dancing world)! Story bad, acting okay, costumes well done, directing sufficient, wardrobe good, filming not bad……and you’d think okay – we’re onto something…..WRONG! I love low budget movies, but this one left me asking why I attempted to make it through the whole movie (and I did, as punishment for even trying)….save your precious time on the planet people and watch something like paint drying. (or an idiom pondering?) All in all – entertaining for some, disturbing for most and laughable to the masses!

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