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Dont Ever Change (2017)


Director: : Don Swaynos

Stars : Cyndi Williams, Heather Kafka, Frank Mosley

IMDB Rating : 6.8

Genre : Short | Comedy | Crime

Release Date : 29 April 2017

 Dont Ever Change :- Watch . Dont Ever Change on, Somewhere in suburbia Karen (Cyndi Williams) is chatting to her grown-up daughter Amy (Heather Kafka). The setting is normal but the atmosphere isn’t and not just because her mum is laying out cheese nibbles for a soon-to-arrive guest. Things between the pair are strained but vaguely hopeful. Somehow, we think they’re nice.That’s when Frank Mosley’s Jason arrives. He’s a big fan of Karen’s, who, it turns out is notorious – and not for entertaining. You might say that, although they’ve never met before, he’s her number one fan – and he’s got a bright idea about how to get himself a mention on her Wikipedia page.To say much more would be to spoil the unexpected dark delight of Don Swaynos’ film, which skewers the culture of celebrity, while retaining an element of surprise. The niceness of Karen makes her feel like a distant relative of Misery’s Annie Wilkes, but Jason’s adoration is, in some ways, the more sinister of the two.Indy favourite Mosley is on top form as the overreaching fan, who doesn’t quite know what he’s getting into, and Williams’ ability to switch emotions in a heartbeat is a treat to watch. Kafka, as our surrogate, offers a great silent commentary on much of proceedings. It’s almost a shame when she gets sidelined in order for ‘fun’ to start as the emotional texture of her relationship with her mother could easily warrant expansion.It’s not often I finish watching a short film wishing it was longer but both the ideas and mood of Don’t Ever Change have such strong potential that they feel slightly short-changed by the runtime.

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