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Dolores (2017)


Director : Peter Bratt

Stars : Hillary Clinton, Angela Davis, Dolores Huerta

IMDB Rating : 5.9

Genre : Documentary | Biography | History

Release Date : 20 Jan 2017

Dolores :- Watch . Dolores on, I was deeply moved by this film. What a great woman, Dolores! She showed us a greater and bigger heart than any man in America. She sacrificed her family and children for so many years just concentrated herself in helping the Mexican labors who worked in the field, but were all treated unfairly and poorly by the growers. She said in this film that when she was young, she wanted to be a dancer, she loved music, but for a greater calling, she has become a dancer for life, a dancer against the injustice. Her commitment in the Latino farmers was even greater and stronger than what Chavez did, but America is a typical male chauvinist pig country; her profound disgust against the Republican Party was nothing personal but through what she has seen and experienced from this corporate-rich-people-big-business friendly Party and its Party members, how they’ve treated her and her Latino people in this country. She was almost beaten to death by a white policeman, with 3 ribs broken by his baton, and resulted in her damaged spleen was removed. America got a lot of dirty laundries in her short 200+ years history. People other than the whites are still suffering social injustice today. We need more great heroines like Dolores to be the voice of the suppressed and unfairly treated in America. Shame on you, Arizona. Shame on you, Fox Channel. God bless her, and we are forever indebted to her for what she did, making America a better place to live..

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