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Dog Years (2017)


Director: : Rocky Rodriguez Jr.

Stars : Noam Chomsky, Thomas Thoroe, Ryan Prescott

IMDB Rating : 5.9

Genre : Documentary | Adventure | Drama

Release Date : 2017

Dog Years :- Watch . Dog Years on,A documentary about solidarity during the refugee crisis. A first hand account into the European refugee crisis told by the volunteers, first-responder’s, refugees, NGOs, and locals who couldn’t ignore the crisis. With debate from top academics, experts, and politicians clear the air, to finally separate the facts from the ‘alternative facts’. Heart-warming, inspiring, thought provoking and sometimes intense, Dog Years is made for the people that were there, on or around, the front lines of the European refugee crisis. The people that faced it, experienced it, cried over it, cared about it, researched it. It’s for the person who may have been a refugee before, for the person whose parents were refugees, and for the person who is a refugee now. It’s for the people that have questions, have compassion, and want to hear answers. It’s for the hordes of volunteers answered the call creating one of the largest expressions of solidarity in all of history. For people left with emotional scars…

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