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DisconnectedDisconnected (2017)


Director: Anastazja Davis

Stars : Bridger Zadina, Darya Hope, Olivia d’Abo

Genre : Drama

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Release: 01 March 2017 (Usa)

Disconnected :- Watch Disconnected on, Parents need to know that Disconnected starts out as a story of rebellious teen hijinks, and then takes a serious turn into a thoughtful look at parenting, teen vulnerability, and ever-changing family dynamics. Sean Crawford, feeling smothered by his “helicopter” adoptive parents, “borrows” his dad’s Tesla while his folks are away, even though he’s not 16 and has no driver’s license. A little scared, but buoyed by his daring, he takes a road trip to meet Chloe, a girl he’s become smitten with in an online relationship. Sean’s voice-over narration helps convey the extraordinary emotions he must confront when the trip veers into unexpected territory, and Chloe isn’t exactly what she seems. Occasional swearing (“ass,” “s–t,” “damn,” “bitch”) is heard, and Sean urinates at several roadside stops. There’s some drinking in social settings; an underage teen consumes a bit of wine. Adult characters are revealed to be users of marijuana, though no on-camera smoking occurs. A few mild sexual references are made; a vibrator is discovered in a drawer. Young teens will likely appreciate this story, relate to its characters, and, along with the likeable hero, be surprised by the twists in the road..

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