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Dirt (2018)


Director: Alex Ranarivelo

Stars : Kevin Dillon, DeRon Horton, Christina Moore

IMDB Rating : 6.3

Genre : Sport

Release Date : 06 March 2018

 Dirt :- Watch  Dirt on, Earth Day has come and gone, and while many of us took time to think about our planet, we were probably focused on the things that happen on its surface. But the documentary DIRT! The Movie reminds us that what really matters on this planet is what happens in the first 6-8 inches of soil, the layer that makes much of life on earth possible. Because as far as we know, no other planet has the kind of living skin that earth does, full of organisms that can digest organic materials to make nutrients accessible to other forms of life. Combine that with energy from the sun and all forms of land-based life become possible — remove one of those components and the system (and life) collapses.That’s why we need to be concerned. Humans are doing grievous damage to our soil through strip mining, mountaintop removal, pollution, bad agricultural practices and other activities that promote erosion. Humans are killing the soil and letting it be carried away by the wind or washed into the sea

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