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DinaDina (2017)


Director: Antonio Santini, Dan Sickles

Stars : Dina Buno, Scott Levin

IMDB Rating : 6.7

Genre : Documentary

Release Date : 20 Oct 2017

Dina :- Watch Dina on, Dina was decent. The standout elements are the very restrictive cinematography, with everything shot on a tripod making the film resemble a slice-of-life drama award contender; and the incredibly entertaining characters, with everyone behaving in a nonchalant and quirky way, almost like characters in a Wes Anderson film. While this film has an abundance of charm, I didn’t find it exceptional. One metric I use to judge a documentary’s quality is determining whether I would still care if it were a work of complete fiction, and I don’t see myself being as forgiving if that were the case. My main annoyance with this film is that the story begins to feel extremely repetitive after a while. We are constantly cycling through the process of Dina getting frustrated, her fiancé having trouble compensating, and the to making up before starting again. If not for how entertaining the people featured are, the film would have been a complete slog..

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