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DeVoidDeVoid (2016)


Director: Matthew Fletcher

Stars: Howy Bratherton, Hannah Kelly, Eloise Dale

Genre: Drama | Crime

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Release: 18 Nov 2016 (Uk)

DeVoid :-Watch DeVoid on, Hustling with the mysterious truth drug has become tiresome. Amelia wants more resulting in a bloodbath, paranoia, revenge and pain.As hustling becomes more tiresome, Amelia finds herself wanting more. She convinces her suppliers to let her sell the mysterious truth drug direct that could take her from hustling hundreds of pounds to dealing with thousands. In an unfortunate turn of of events Amelia’s initial deal with her new crew turns into a bloodbath and she escapes within a shred of her life. Paranoid and confused about what had happened she hides away from the world, but the police are the least of her worries. A masked man, set on revenge for all the pain the drug has caused him tracks Amelia, and any escape looks bleak. Her world rapidly turns into the reality she never wanted, who can she trust? Perhaps the one person she least expected…
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