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Devil’s Whisper (2017)


Director : Adam Ripp

Stars : Luca Oriel, Violkys Bustamante, Julie Collins

IMDB Rating : 6.7

Genre : Drama | Horror | Thriller

Release Date : 19 Oct 2017

Devil’s Whisper :- Watch . Devil’s Whisper on, The plot is extremely awful and very confusing, and the movie fails to maintain its theme throughout. I understand how hard it is to write a good script for a horror movie; yet this seems to be done by amateur writers or the script was hastily put up together. As a result, I often get distracted by inconsistent plot, leaving me more confused than scary.And that leads me to criticize this movie even further: the movie is not scary. It has some jumpy moments like other horror movies, but the psychological effect from those scary moments is almost absent. Those moments become very predictable and make me stare at the screen with much boredom.Special effects and acting are relatively decent.

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