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Death WalksDeath Walks ( 2016)


Director: : Spencer Hawken

Stars : Francesca Ciardi, Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar, Jessie Williams

Genre : Comedy | Horror | Mystery

IMDB Rating: 6.4

Release: July 2016 (Usa)

Death Walks :- Watch Death Walks on,Like a previous reviewer, I feel that one of the best things I can say about Death Walks is that you would never guess that it did not cost a penny to make – it looks fantastic. Nor would you ever guess that the cast and crew were almost all first timers and amateurs.Death Walks is a labour of love for director Spencer Hawken. It was three years in the making, and he has created a very professional film with great determination and a lot of very hard work. It’s an incredible achievementThere are some excellent performances here, from Dumping Ground star Jessie Williams in her first adult role, Martin Holland in his first ever acting role, Karis Pentecost, Daniel Smales and Scott Mullins, among many others. Special mention should go to Jon Guerriero, who plays John the security guard. Jon’s performance is particularly impressive when you discover that he is not actually an actor – he is in fact a real-life security guard at the Mercury Mall, where the film was shot.The film also has a casting coup – Italian horror legend Francesca Ciardi appears as the mysterious Lucrezia. Ciardi starred in possibly the most notorious horror movie of all time – Cannibal Holocaust. She had not made a film for about 25 years, but was persuaded out of retirement by the quality of Hawken’s script and also because she was impressed by the fact that Death Walks was a real community projectI love the opening minutes of the film. We see the mall emptying out as time ticks towards closing time. Things get quieter and more sedate until the mall is closed and the security guards settle in for another night of boredom – or so they think. It’s a slow-moving but strangely engrossing sequence, and seems to be very well-observed. Not surprising, as Hawken’s day job is deputy manager of Mercury Mall.

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