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Deadly Secrets by the LakeDeadly Secrets by the Lake ( 2017)


Director: : Don McBrearty

Stars : : Stefanie von Pfetten, Steve Byers, Tahmoh Penikett

Genre : Mystery

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Release: 02 June 2017 (Uk)

Deadly Secrets by the Lake :- Watch Deadly Secrets by the Lake on, “Deadly Secrets by the Lake” sounds like a typically risible title for a Lifetime project but is actually pretty good, effectively written by Roma Roth (also listed as one of the project’s four producers) and Al Kratina, and directed by Don McBrearty with an effective sense of atmosphere. Jennifer Riley (an actress saddled with the indigestible name “Stefanie von Pfetten” — the sort of name that in the days of classic Hollywood got changed: back then nobody thought anyone would go see a movie billed as “‘The Wizard of Oz,’ starring Frances Gumm”) is a New York City police detective who just arrested a man she caught in the act of preparing to rape the woman he’d already kidnapped, bound and gagged. She’s been in a relationship for two years with a man named Santos Alvarez (played by an actor named Tahmoh Penikett — it almost seems as if the casting director worked hard to find a co-star with as ridiculous a name as the female lead, and despite the name of the character he doesn’t look particularly Latino) but they’ve neither got married nor moved in together, and her life gets upended when she receives a call from her father back home in the small town of Thornwood Heights, where she grew up. Her dad is the police chief of Thornwood Heights but an ambitious deputy, Lewton (Dean Armstrong), is trying to push him out of that position. It seems one of Chief Riley’s other daughters, Lauren (Ferelith Young), has been arrested for murdering Victor Townsend, the owner of the blog for which she worked and which was trying to expose the misdeeds of the town’s richest man, coal magnate Connor Blake (Chris Gillett).

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