Watch Dead Weight (2017) Movie Online Free

Dead Weight Dead Weight (2017)


Director: Casey Schoch

Stars : : Emma Beedenbender, Eric Hambury, Charlie Simmons

Genre : Short | Drama | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 7.4

Release: 14 May 2017 (Usa)

Dead Weight :- Watch Dead Weight on, Latest in a welcome flurry of oceangoing pictures that plunge viewers into the hard-knock realities of nautical life, Axel Koenzen’s enigmatically elliptical debut Deadweight positions itself at the more challenging end of the cinematic spectrum. Taking its tenor from an inscrutable lead performance by Tommi Korpela as the taciturn, grizzled and broodingly morose captain of a troubled container-vessel, it’s strong on realism but deliberately uninvolving in terms of plot. The vibrant presence of French art-film queen Jeanne Balibar — in a small but crucial supporting role — will boost chances of further festival berths, but this is essentially an uncompromising, finely-etched calling card for Koenzen.Bearing a notable and surely non-coincidental resemblance to Jurgen Prochnow, the submarine commander from Wolfgang Petersen’s seminal Das Boot, Korpela’s Captain Ikonen is first seen mooching around Rotterdam’s waterfront before making a low-key return to his ship. The craft sets sail for Savannah, Georgia, but little of the journey is glimpsed and the American port is spoken of but never actually shown — typical of a picture which takes a pedantic interest in the minutiae of working environments but then will skip over crucial plot developments. Primary among these is the offscreen death of a Filipino loading-hand, James (Manuelito Acido) -— officially a suicide, most probably an accident, but just possibly something more sinister.

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