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Dead SunriseDead Sunrise ( 2016)


Director: Michal Imielski

Stars : Cloé Fournier, Barry French, Corinne Furlong

Genre : Horror

IMDB Rating: 6.0

Release: 13 Sep 2016 (Usa)

Dead Sunrise :- Watch Dead Sunrise on, Michael’s life is in Crisis. He’s waking up every morning Depressed. He feels like he doesn’t even know his wife anymore; and that quite possibly his daughter is taking over his life. A Road Trip with four old friends just might be the perfect antidote. A Getaway from the Hum Drum of it all. A Wild Adventure to Bring Him Back To Life. Five friends. One Road Trip. One Hell of a Discovery… Join the Ride and Hit the Road in search of fun, freedom, excitement. Try some murder, mayhem, and madness. For when the Sun Rises on this unsuspecting group of friends in the middle of nowhere – so does the Horror – so does the Fear – so do The Dead… Camping – stranded – in isolated Bushland, they have stumbled upon an Abandoned Old School. Yet, there are still children Abound. Children Everywhere! Sick children. Children in need of Help. No immediate tele-communication available. No transport nearby. No chance of Escape… For these particular Children are Hungry – and they want you for Dinner. .

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