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Darker Shades of EliseDarker Shades of Elise ( 2017)


Director: Jamie Weston

Stars : Darcie Lincoln, Becca Hirani, Tara MacGowran

Genre : Drama | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.0

Release: 10 July 2017 (Uk)

Darker Shades of Elise :– Watch Darker Shades of Elise on putlockerwatch.comPeople, have been watching films all their lives. So when you cannot frame a shot, light a shot, or record sound properly, the audience knows it, instinctively. They might not know exactly why they feel the film they are watching is dreadful on a conscious level, but they know. They can hear the ambient noise from not understanding how to capture sound properly. They can see the random and messy angles, reminiscent of a 13 year olds DSLR Yotube project he or she did just for fun. And this is all before even mentioning the directing, writing, editing, blocking, and of course…acting! Horrible film makers, since the dawn of time, have successfully avoided dealing with this reality. And like Mr. Anderson, why do they persist? Always hoping that their….lol…”vision” finds an audience. They are so comically infected by this specific flavor of ignorance towards the intellect of their audience (not to mention their own skills), that they’d literally not even be surprised if (hypothetically) their film did well, simply accepting that they did a great job. Never wondering how on earth they fooled everyone.

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