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The Dark StrangerThe Dark Stranger (2015)

Director: Chris Trebilcock

Stars: Katie Findlay, Stephen McHattie, Enrico Colantoni

Genre: Drama | Animation | Horror

IMDB Rating: 4.5

Release: 2015 (Usa)

The Dark Stranger :-Watch The Dark Stranger on,With a very believable performance by Katie Findlay and great supporting actors backing her up, The Dark Stranger was a solid film from start to finish. The mix of horror and animation was also done well, giving the movie an interesting twist and offered the viewer something surprising as well.When we first meet Leah (Katie Findlay) it seems the teen is suffering from a massive breakdown due to the death of her mother. The whole house seems to be walking on eggshells with brother Toby (Alex Ozerov) frustrated with his sister and lack of attention thrown his way while their dad Brendan (Enrico Colentoni) tries his best to hold it all together.In fact, Leah begins to think she is starting to lose her mind as she begins to have hallucinations that in some7065_3_10158 weird way are connected to her drawings in her graphic novel. To make matters worse, her father introduces her to Randall Toth (Stephen McHattie) , a man who wants to put both Leah’s and her mother’s art work out on display for all to see. Not only does she not want to part with the art for sentimental and safety reasons but there is something about Toth that makes h

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