Watch Dangerous Lies Vol. 1 (2017) Movie Online Free

Dangerous Lies Vol. 1Dangerous Lies Vol. 1 ( 2017)


Director: Tiziano Cella

Stars : Sharon Alessandri, Sveva Alviti, Tiziano Cella

Genre : Thriller

IMDB Rating: 4.3

Release: 2017

Dangerous Lies Vol. 1 :- Watch Dangerous Lies Vol. 1 on,While rehabilitating her, Don falls in love with the tempestuous actress. Joyce, convinced she destroys anything and anyone she touches, warns him she is a jinx. Compelled to save her, Don breaks his engagement to Gail and risks his fortune to back the actress in a Broadway show. Before opening night, he insists they marry, but Joyce resists his proposal, hiding the fact she is married to Gordon Heath (John Eldredge), an ineffectual but devoted man who was financially ruined by their marriage.Joyce goes to Gordon and begs him for a divorce. When he refuses, she causes an automobile accident that cripples him for life. Her own injuries keep her from opening in the show, which fails. Don is ruined, and when he learns that Joyce has deceived him, he accuses her of being a completely selfish woman, her only true jinx.

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