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Dalida Dalida (2016)


Director: Lisa Azuelos

Stars : Sveva Alviti, Riccardo Scamarcio, Jean-Paul Rouve

IMDB Rating : 8.5

Genre : Biography | Drama | Music

Release Date : 01 Sep 2017

Dalida :- Watch Dalida on,For so many people around the world Dalida was an amazing, life- changing icon, a woman with a powerful voice who brought joy to so many people even while her own life was mired in tragedy. Dalida’s life was the stuff movies are made of. What a disappointment then that this movies makes her seem so lifeless.Perhaps the problem here is that the filmmakers had so much to work with. Dalida had a 31 year career as a superstar, constantly remaking herself to stay on top of trends and to give new material to her fans. However instead of focusing on her career this biopic chooses to examine her through the lens of her romantic relationships many of which ended in tragedy (three of her lovers would commit suicide). As an entry way into the private life of Dalida it’s not a bad start, but the script is frankly a mess. Men enter and exit Dalida’s life quickly, with all the juicy material usually glossed over in montage backed by one of Dalida’s songs. And after awhile these affairs start to drain the life force out of the movie. If you only had the film to go on Dalida is just a simple woman who only wants to get married and have children but keeps picking the wrong men. Her singing career seems almost incidental. At one point, Dalida tells a spiritual adviser that she feels whole when she’s singing but we never see that. Instead the film treats Dalida as passive in her own career, a woman who doesn’t really care for the work and instead has been built up by two men: her husband Lucien Morrise and her brother Orlando.

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