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The Creature of Stark HillsThe Creature of Stark Hills ( 2017)


Director: : Adam Deierling

Stars : Tom Denvir, John Gilbert, Zach McMillin

Genre : Short | Horror | Mystery

IMDB Rating: 5.9

Release: 29 March 2017 (Usa)

The Creature of Stark Hills :- Watch The Creature of Stark Hills on, IOn the way to their old home town for their father’s funeral, brothers Ben and Derrick, along with their female companion Olivia, get stranded in the woods after a car accident. As things go in this sort of situation, it starts to rain and the group must find shelter. Luckily they saw an old house a couple miles down the road…Maybe they would have been better off waiting in the car.Of course, the old house is abandoned, with no signs of life to speak of. The group doesn’t get much time to explore, however, as the cabin is attacked by what sounds like a giant beast. Chaos ensues and the 2 brothers wander off into the woods, leading to the inevitable showdown between man and monster.The Creature of Stark Hills is ultimately a short film about a group of people being terrorized in the woods by a large hairy hominid (Bigfoot). Unfortunately, there is nothing scary about the film. The characters (especially Ben), are so unlikeable that I found myself rooting for the creature. The whole reason they got into the mess was due to an argument and literal tug of war match between brothers while Ben was driving. Rather than acting like the adults that they clearly were, the characters acted more like a 5 year old with his jerk older brother on a family trip. Only thing missing was dear old dad in the front seat threatening to turn the car around if the damn kids won’t stop their bickerin

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