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Creature LakeCreature Lake ( 2015)


Director: Drazen Baric

Stars : Vanessa Tavares, Elena Semikina, Nikki Roumel

Genre : Action | Drama | Horror

IMDB Rating: 4.2

Release: 2016

Creature Lake :- Watch Creature Lake on,The summary says it all. This is yet another found footage waste of time with a group of irritating, racist/homophobic/misogynistic characters that can’t get killed off quickly enough. Other downers include the weak plot, the awful sound editing (the growling sounds like it was recorded in a metal garbage can… listen with headphones for the full effect), the irritating “static, distorted video when the ghost/demon/monster is about the appear” effect.I don’t see how anyone watching this could have sympathy or connection to the characters in this movie. Aside from the camera guy and the black guy, the others are all awful, irritating jerks. Who has friends like these people? Maybe all the deplorable jerks hang out with all the other deplorable jerks, and leave the rest of us alone? If you have friends like these guys, the I suggest you watch this movie all the way through as it mount have a therapeutic effect for you when you see them getting killed.

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