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Cradle SwappingCradle Swapping ( 2017)


Director: : Michael Feifer

Stars : Amanda Clayton, Brandon Barash, Patrika Darbo

Genre : Drama

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Release: 06 May 2017(Usa)

Cradle Swapping :- Watch Cradle Swapping on,The thought of two babies getting switched at birth may be on the list of worries for expectant parents, no matter how probable the scenario really is. Though very unlikely, you do hear real stories of babies being switched at birth every so often. You can Google it or check out a wonderful episode of This American Life entitled “Switched At Birth” if you do want to hear one such true tale. So it’s possible that a movie about to premiere on Lifetime presenting a story on this subject, Cradle Swapping, could be based on a true story, too.Cradle Swapping, which premieres on Sunday, May 7 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime, follows new parents Alicia (Amanda Clayton) and Ray (Brandon Barash) as they welcome their daughter, Hannah, into the world. Shortly after Hannah’s birth, the baby begins to show signs of drug withdrawal, even though Alicia did not drink alcohol or take drugs during her pregnancy. That, coupled with the fact that Hannah doesn’t look anything like Alicia or Ray, prompts the parents to take a DNA test, which shows that she is not really their baby. Alicia and Ray discover that someone has swapped their daughter with another baby so that the mother could earn money by selling a healthy child to a high-end adoption ring. Alicia and Ray then decide to take matters into their own hands to track their real daughter down.

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