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Counter ClockwiseCounter Clockwise (2016)


Director: George Moïse

Stars: Bruno Amato, Cleo Antonelli, Brad Bishop

Genre: Comedy | Sci-Fi | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 4.3

Release: 4 Oct 2016 (Usa)

Counter Clockwise :- Watch Counter Clockwise on,I had a few higher hopes for this movie, I really did, I hoped that the story would make sense as it seemed quite an interesting idea. I also like Bruno Amato, and to be honest he was pretty much IK in this.What ruined this movie and turned into the piece of trash that it actually is, is the entire script, the terrible editing – Queue…fade to black every few minutes, totally disjointed and horribly reconstructed.It feels like half the movie is missing.But the worst part of it is the sheer ridiculousness of the entire thing.Michael Kopelow, who obviously gets parts in movies because of who he knows rather on his ability to act, completely destroyed this movie. Like some fat Ginger bumbling buffoon, he hams his way through every scene. Are we really supposed to believe that he would end up with a wife like that? Seriously? It did stretch the imagination to the incredible.Sadly, that guy should never be allowed to act in anything, he destroyed the part the moment he appeared on screen.
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