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Coulrophobia (2017)


Director : Warren Speed

Stars : Pete Bennett, Daniella D’Ville, Roxy Bordeaux

IMDB Rating : 3.7

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 13 Nov 2017

Coulrophobia :- Watch . Coulrophobia on, IIn a large study, Meiri et al. found that 1.2% of hospitalised children experience a fear of clowns (coulrophobia)  Their findings are very interesting, particularly in light of our recent study, which found that four out of 14 paediatricians and paediatric residents consider themselves afraid of clowns . Meiri and colleagues advocate for more studies on this poorly described phenomenon, and we agree. We would like to share our thoughts on one aspect of the paper by Meiri et al. which may impede the exploration of this phenomenon in future research: the definition of coulrophobia.Because the term coulrophobia is not listed in the WHO’s ICD-10 nor in the APA’s DSM-V, Meiri et al. needed to define coulrophobia first

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