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Columbus (2017)


Director : Kogonada

Stars : John Cho, Haley Lu Richardson, Parker Posey

IMDB Rating : 7.3

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 04 Aug 2017

Columbus :- Watch . Columbus on, Columbus is written and directed by Kogonada, and it stars John Cho and Haley Lu Richardson. In this movie, Jin (Cho) is a Korean-born man that has to travel to Columbus, Indiana after his father went into a coma. During his time there, he meets a young American woman named Casey (Richardson), and they both form a connection.You want to talk about a disappointment? After seeing its Tomatometer score at 97%, and then reading the reviews that called it one of the best movies of 2017, I took that as a positive sign. And yesterday, I saw a Facebook post of someone really raving about it. So I commented on it, saying “I’ll be watching that tomorrow”. I wanted to believe that guy’s word on it, and I really had high hopes for this movie. So as you can see where this is going, I just never felt connected with the majority of Columbus. And it’s a shame, because it just got added on Hulu, which meant that I didn’t have to spend $5 on an iTunes rental. I don’t know what happened, you guys. It just didn’t click with me like I was hoping it would. It’s not like it was a terrible film. The actors are very strong, and I really liked the choices on the directing and cinematography. I think the pace of the story was moving too slow for me, and it wasn’t catching my attention consistently. I literally had to pause the movie about 8 or 9 times, because I had other things I was thinking about or doing that this couldn’t pull me away from. And it’s not like the story or screen writing was bad. It just lacked that element of engagement that I wanted to feel.

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