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Cold GroundCold Ground (2017)


Director: Fabien Delage

Stars : Doug Rand, Gala Besson, Philip Schurer

Genre : Horror | Mystery | Sci-Fi

IMDB Rating: 6.4

Release: 2017 (France)

Cold Ground :- Watch Cold Ground on, Cold Ground is another selection that was brought to my attention by The Optical Theater Film Festival. This French film is a found footage offering, but it also mixes in the now popular retro aspect. Fabien Delage’s film is even getting a possible 2018 release from Redwood Creek Films and Fright House Pictures. What we get is a mixture of found footage and retro horror with a monster aspect tossed in for good measure. Cold Ground has obtained numerous festival recognitions and awards, and it is still doing the circuit. The result is an entertaining, well acted and terrifying experience which is able to roll with the clichés set in place already by this genre, but also adding its own intriguing and effective aspects to the mix. The intro states that in 1976, two filmmakers went to the French/Swiss border and never returned. In 2017, their footage was finally discovered.David (cinematographer/editor Geoffrey Blandin) and Melissa (Gala Besson) are French filmmakers who go to the French/Swiss border to shoot their new feature. They have heard reports of mutilated cattle in the countryside with no clear explanation as to why. They find the British research facility, Pine Wood, where biologists are performing their own investigation into the strange cattle occurrences. Once there, David and Melissa meet the team of scientists, including Gunther (makeup FX artist Phillip Schurer) and Blake (Doug Rand). Some of the group are going to another nearby camp to look for members of their own team who didn’t come back from a recent expedition. David and MCold Ground uses its first 30 minutes plus to set up the story and develop its characters. Everyone is likable in the film as the viewer gets to know each member, making it more emotional for the events that occur later in the movie. Cold Ground is a French production but it’s clever in its approach of going back and forth in English and French. It’s filmed from the POV of the cameraman, so David is behind the camera for a majority of the earlier parts of the film, at least until he is forced to put the camera down.

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