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Coffee with Ana Coffee with Ana ( 2017)


Director: Sean King

Stars : Alvaro Galvis, Camila Jurado, Taylor King

Genre : Romance

IMDB Rating: 5.4

Release: 1 June 2017 (USA)

Coffee with Ana :- Watch Coffee with Ana on,The scenery, including charming towns and countryside is beautiful, as these two offspring of the business owners share memories of their childhood, while enjoying their adventures, and slowly warming to each other. There are no big plot twists, or shocking moments, it’s really a simple story about two people who wouldn’t normally meet, thrown together because of circumstances and start to develop feeling for each other. There is some chemistry, and the dialogue between the two mostly feels genuine and realistic. Worth mentioning that the musical score feels authentic for the location, and adds to the overall lighthearted mood of the film.A couple of final notes; this was a low-budget independent film, so as such, there are certain limitations here. The two actors are fine, but I would have liked to seen a little more flirtatiousness between them, more awkward sensual moments, where something almost happens, etc. I understand understated or subtlety, but it could have had a tad more sensuality. One very petty note too, the guys hair was a mess and somewhat distracting for a while. I’ve seen pics of the actor for other projects where it was neater, so this had to be intentional. It looked like his hair had never seen a comb or a brush, sorry…lol.

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