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Club DeadClub Dead (2015)

Director: Paul Rocha

Stars: Garon Atencio, Doug Bilitch, Taisha Monique Clark

Genre: Horror

IMDB Rating: 3.4

Release: Nov 2015 (Usa)

Club Dead :-Watch Club Dead on,The novel takes place in December. Sookie discovers Bill working secretively on his computer. Bill closes a file but not before Sookie sees the screen. Bill informs Sookie he has to leave to complete a task ordered by the Queen of Louisiana Vampires. Days later, a werewolf targeting Sookie comes into her working spot, Merlotte’s, but he is eliminated by Bubba, sent on Eric’s orders, before he can harm Sookie. As night falls, Eric and his employees tell Sookie that Bill had actually been in Mississippi, where his former lover and maker Lorena had summoned him. They continue to tell Sookie that Bill has since then gone missing, and Eric speaks of his suspicions on Lorena’s involvement. He also states that the vampire queen of Louisiana will need to receive Bill’s secret project on its due date, if Eric wishes not to compromise his life. Since Eric is unable to interrogate humans or vampires in the territory of Mississippi vampire king Russell Edgington without provoking a war, he invites Sookie to come along to Mississippi and utilize her telepathy to locate Bill. Sookie agrees, but is shocked at Bill’s possible betrayal of her.The next day, Sookie is introduced to Alcide Herveaux, a werewolf sent by Eric to help Sookie circulate in the supernatural community of Jackson, Mississippi. Sookie takes a liking to Alcide’s physique and personality. In Jackson, Alcide escorts her to a local vampire bar, Josephine’s, generally known as Club Dead. In this club, Sookie learns by telepathy that Bill is being held captive and that Russell Edgington is possibly involved. She meets Edgington when he aids her after a confrontation with a were patron angered at Sookie rebuffing his sexual advances. Edgington insists they

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