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Chris Brown: Welcome to My LifeChris Brown Welcome to My Life ( 2016)


Director: Andrew Sandler

Stars : n/a

Genre : Documentary

IMDB Rating: 7.0

Release: 08 June 2017 (Usa)

Chris Brown Welcome to My Life :- Watch Chris Brown Welcome to My Life on,It’s an amazing documentary, made me cry a f****** river. It shows how strong he is even after all the bullshit that he been through. Shows how multi talented he is in literally everything. Shows that he is a human just like us and he makes mistakes just like any other human being. I find it really stupid that they’re some people keeps constantly hating on him just for a mistake he did and he was forgiven by the victim himself, so for those people who are hating on him I find it really stupid and ridiculous cause that’s non of your business he was forgiven for what he did and life goes on. And it showed me how the world is so mean, disgusting and have no mercy. The media and the press have been putting some much bullshit on this guy and they’ve always showed the Chris brown that they wanna show to the people. Also in this documentary it also shows how he great and amazing father he is. I totally agree and believe that if Chris without the 2009 incident he would have been as iconic as MJ and everybody knows that. In my opinion I think Chris is a legend and a big icon and people don’t give him much credit for what he does and he’s underrated. . This guy can do anything he’s an entertainer and multi talented artist. I will forever admire his strength and ability . In my eyes I see him as the greatest legend

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