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The Changeover (2017)


Director: Miranda Harcourt, Stuart McKenzie

Stars : Timothy Spall, Melanie Lynskey, Lucy Lawless

IMDB Rating : 7.3

Genre : Thriller

Release Date : 28 Sep 2017

. The Changeover :- Watch . The Changeover on,This is a great movie for young people, particularly young woman, showing a strong female lead, who stands up in the face of great uncertainty and pressure. Beautifully shot and acted by both Kiwi and overseas cast members. Timothy Spall, is pure evil as the male lead, sending shivers down the spine, as he sets about manipulating the innocent, but he meets his match in our female hero. Great to see it heading to Rome for a festival. Based on Margaret Mahy’s book that won the prestigious Carnegie Medal.The Changover is a refreshing young adult film with its relatable portrayal of Laura (the main character), family dynamics and of post-earthquake Christchurch. What stuck out for me is that this film isn’t condescending towards teenagers, like many are of the same genre. Instead The Changeover shows how many New Zealand teens live and what things place importance in their lives. What also makes the film so special is the great sound track and cinematography which beautifully mirrors the characters and plot. I would highly recommend The Changeover to both young adults, parents and families.

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