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Catching the Black Widow Catching the Black Widow ( 2017)


Director: : Thomas Robins

Stars : Aidee Walker, Ryan Lampp, Sadwyn Brophy

Genre : Drama

IMDB Rating: 6.9

Release: 30 July 2017 (Usa)

Catching the Black Widow :- Watch Catching the Black Widow on, great central performance from Aidee Walker anchors the final dramatisation in the Sunday Theatre season, Catching the Black Widow, a dark and dastardly tale of suburban murder.Walker plays Lee-Anne Cartier, sister of Phil Nisbet , an ordinary Christchurch bloke who was poisoned by his wifeHelen Milner, in 2009. Largely thanks to the perseverance and hard work of Cartier, Milner was finally arrested for the killing in 2013.Cartier first realised Milner was lying about Nisbet ’s death after she produced a typed suicide note with a fake signature. Later, Milner turned over to police a different note with no signature.atching the Black Widow builds a convincing and creepy picture of Milner’s lies versus Cartier’s single-mindedness. Just a few weeks after the funeral, Cartier flew over from Australia for a 21st birthday and was staying with Milner when the suicide note appeared. Realising that it couldn’t have been written by her brother, Cartier becomes spooked, barricades her bedroom door and lies awake all night.From then on, it doesn’t take much to discover Milner’s orchestrated litany of lies: the location of the suicide note changes; she claims that Phil was seeing other women; that he was working as a male escort; that he beat her up; that he accumulated debts; and that he had discovered his son from his first marriage was not biologically hisIn addition, Milner has a new bloke, an ex, installed in the marital bed. More to the point, she is trying to claim Phil’s life insuranceCartier keeps digging and discovers that Milner has been fired from her job for theft. It was her workmates who dubbed her the Black Widow when she claimed that Phil was trying to kill her by putting too much sugar in her food (she is diabetic) and joked about buying rat poison.

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