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Cassidy RedCassidy Red (2017)


Director: Matt Knudsen

Stars : Abby Eiland, David Thomas Jenkins, Jason Grasl

IMDB Rating : 3.7

Genre : Drama | Action | Adventure

Release Date : 2017

Cassidy Red :- Watch . Cassidy Red on, Not long after Mexico ceded large swaths of the Southwest and Arizona became a U.S. territory, settlers established the outpost of Ruby as a gold- and sliver-mining center. As the town took root, ancillary businesses sprang up, including the requisite saloons and bordellos, along with the marginally criminal types frequenting such establishments. Red-headed Josephine “Joe” Cassidy (Abigail Eiland) emerges as a consequence of this dubious cultural development sometime in the 1850s, the illegitimate daughter of a bargirl and a bounty hunter.Joe’s mother raises her in that house of ill repute, but when she’s preoccupied with customers, she sends Joe off to her father Cort’s (Rick Cramer) ranch, where she learns the essential skills of swearing and firearms handling. The utility of these particular talents doesn’t become clear until years later, when Joe embarks on a vengeful mission to save the love of her life from the gallows. You see, it seems that spending all that time on the ranch gave Joe the opportunity to solidify a competitive love triangle with her two young male neighbors. Tom (David Thomas Jenkins) is the boastful son of the town’s richest rancher, lording his status over Jakob (Jason Grasl), his adopted Apache brother.

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