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Cash OnlyCash Only (2015)

Director: Malik Bader

Stars: Nickola Shreli, Brandon Trammer, Stivi Paskoski

Genre: Drama | Thriller | Crime

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Release: 13 May 2016 (Uk)

Cash Only :-Watch Cash Only on,Cash Only (styled as CA$H ⃠ NLY) is a 2015 American-Albanian crime thriller film directed by Malik Bader. It stars Nickola Shreli, who also wrote and produced, as a landlord who is forced to resort to increasingly desperate measures to pay off his debts to banks, a loan shark, and a local mob boss. It premiered at the 2015 Fantasia International Film Festival and was released in the US on May 13, 2016.Elvis Martini, an Albanian-American landlord in Detroit, commits arson in an insurance scam. Unknown to him, his wife returned home early and dies in the fire, leaving him to parent their daughter alone. Two years later, a judge gives him a brief extension to repay his debts to the bank. At the same time, he owes money to Pete Cantor, a loan shark. As increasing pressure is put on Martini to pay his debts, he attempts to collect money owed him from his tenants, many of whom are unable to pay. These include fellow Albanian Leka and Leka’s fiancee, Blerta, with whom Martini is having an affair. Frustrated, Martini pressures Kush, a tenant who grows marijuana, to agree to new terms, including a cut of Kush’s profits and increased rent. Kush reluctantly agrees but warns that their friendship has now become strained. When she refuses to pay her back rent, he threatens to evict Rolexa, a prostitute.Using security cameras hidden in the apartments, Martini spies on his tenants. He sees Rolexa stash something in her apartment, and, while she is out, hires his friend Agroni to change her lock. In her apartment, Martini finds enough money to put his daughter back in a private Catholic school and make payments to both the bank and Cantor. After briefly taking care of Rolexa’s unsupervised son, Martini evicts her, dismissing her threats. Although his situation looks to improve, Martini is interrupted during sex with Blerta by thugs who knock him unconscious and kidnap his daughter. Dino, a mob boss, tells Martini that he has until the next night to return the money R

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