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Can Take It BackCan’t Take It Back (2017)


Director: Tim Shechmeister

Stars : Logan Paul, Noah Centineo, Marnie Alexenburg

Genre : Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 4.2

Release: 26 Sep 2017 (Usa)

Can’t Take It Back :- Watch Can’t Take It Back on, I get in desperate need for a zombie fix, so I literally have watched hundred’s of this type of movie. Most are low budget independent films that on an average, suk pretty bad across the board.his one however, although it does start a bit slow, takes time to introduce realistic characters that we can come to care about. (The main characters are high school students and sisters). And the acting is very well done.The story is a strong one and I appreciated the new twists. It seemed a fresher out take on the tired old usual zombie protocol.It takes about 30 minutes into the movie before you get a glimpse of some “zombie action” and it isn’t IN YOUR FACE….but has very good tension none the less.If you are a hard core zombie fan that wants blood and guts, and hard core action as the main focus of the movie, you may want to either watch something else, or fast forward. It is an understated movie, with more of a story, and less zombie, then what we have come to expect in zombie movies.This film has great direction and numerous creative uses of the camera. I noticed a few editing slips, but nothing that I couldn’t overlook and still remain engrossed in the movie. The score seemed a little understated thru much of the movie.It takes about 40 minutes in, before the zombie part of the movie starts. The special affects are as good as any big Hollywood movie. Again, it just isn’t focused on the violence, the story is really centered on the sisters, and not on zombies, blood, and violence.It is a quality film. And I enjoyed it. But honestly it was a little too toned down for me. I appreciated the story, but I would of liked MORE focus on zombies, and kickin’ some zombie ass, along with the good story line. It would make a great series!

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