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Can Buy My LoveCan’t Buy My Love ( 2017)


Director: : Farhad Mann

Stars: Adelaide Kane, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Rodrigo Rojas

Genre: Family

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Release: 4 Mach 2017 (Usa)

Can’t Buy My Love :- Watch Can’t Buy My Love on,A spoiled rich man doesn’t take it well when he’s rejected by an ambulance paramedic. He doesn’t give up there but uses his parents’ wealth to get to ride with her in the ambulance hoping that it will eventually lead to a date etc.Lilly, a hard working EMT, is only focused on her job and getting into medical school. So when wealthy slacker Jeff enters her life it throws her off course. At first, Lilly wants nothing to do with Jeff or his sense of entitlement and lack of direction. As she spends more time with him, she starts to realize that you can’t always judge a book by its cover.I don’t recommend this movie, rich boy falls in love with a “Regular” girl who doesn’t want his money because she works for every penny she has. Bla bla life is difficult for everyone, help Im in love but I don’t wanna be in love!! Whatever, horrible acting skills, from the roommate who is always right where you left her to ask you how you’re doing, her bf who’s really bad at acting busy, the work partner who is an idiot but ends up giving the best advice, to the rich guy who seems to have nothing better to do but think about this girl who rejected him (What! She said NO? how is it possible? Nobody ever says no to me because I’m rich, ugh. I just kept rolling my eyes throughout the whole movie, I would give it a 1, gave it a 3 for the effort. MOVIE SUCKS!!

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