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Cannibal Cop (2017)


Director: Donald Farmer

Stars : Shawn C. Phillips, Roni Jonah, Donald Farmer

IMDB Rating : 5.2

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 15 Jan 2017

. Cannibal Cop :- Watch . Cannibal Cop on, A dirty cop (Jason Crowe) goes around beating people and a local wannabe reporter decides to start filming his activities to bring him down. One of his victims ends up dying but is brought back to life by a voodoo Princess who then sends the zombie out for revenge. The detective is bitten and soon becomes the title character.Donald Farmer really is a key figure in the shot-on-video genre that started during the 1980s and he continues to make movies with CANNIBAL COP being his latest. If you’re a fan of the low-budget indie horror pictures then it’s certainly worth watching thanks to some gory good fun as well as a fun lead character.There’s no question that the best thing about the movie is the lead detective character and I do wish that he had been in more of the film. Whenever he’s on the screen kicking people around it’s quite fun. It also fun when he finally turns into the killer and goes out looking for something to eat. The special effects are good enough to add entertainment to the movie and I’d argue that the gore really sells the picture.CANNIBAL COP isn’t a film that’s going to be for everyone but it’s certainly worth watching if you’re a fan of this type of movie.

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