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Candy Jar (2018)


Director : Ben Shelton

Stars : Uzo Aduba, Tom Bergeron, Tracey Bonner

IMDB Rating : 5.5

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 27 April 2018

Candy Jar :- Watch . Candy Jar on, It’s pretty easy to guess what’s going to happen in Candy Jar. If you were to just read the summary up top, then you’ve probably got a decent chance of mapping out the plot. It very much reminded me of a Disney made-for-TV movie: there are likeable leads who slot quite nicely into instantly recognisable archetypes, the plot has a positive feel-good message, there are some laughs along the way and it’s quite inoffensive.The story and setting of Candy Jar had a real Gilmore Girls kind of vibe for me, which is certainly no bad thing. First of all Lona and her mum (played by Christina Hendricks) aren’t well off and she’s at the school by virtue of a scholarship (I know, I know, Rory Gilmore technically wasn’t on a scholarship, but you get my meaning). After Lona’s dad died it’s just her and her mum, they have a fun relationship that’s closer to being friends than being mother-daughter, Lona dreams of getting into an Ivy League school and most importantly they talk very quickly. If that’s not Gilmore Girls then I don’t know what is.Candy Jar – Netflix – 2018 – review

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