Watch Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe (2017) Movie Online Free

Burlesque Heart of the Glitter TribeBurlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe (2017)


Director: Jon Manning

Stars : Jett Adore, Russell Bruner, Angelique Devil

Genre : Documentary

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Release: 3 March 2017 (Usa)

Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe :- Watch Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe on,BURLESQUE: HEART OF THE GLITTER TRIBE is a documentary feature about the passion and personalities at the heart of today’s new wave of burlesque. On stage and in candid conversation, twelve of today’s hottest performers reveal the naked truth about an exotic world where artifice is a route to authenticity and pretending to be someone else is the ultimate journey to become yourself. These burlesquers put it all on the line in performances that are sexy, funny, elegant and outrageous – and they bare more than just their bodies as they discuss their artistic vision, their financial struggles, the misconceptions that infuriate them and the community that sustains them.Zora von Pavonine is a dedicated artist who devotes time and money to perfecting her costumes and craft. Isaiah Esquire’s work onstage allows him to blossom and grow in a way the shy, tall man couldn’t before. Babs Jamboree leans into the comedic aspect, dressing up as everything from a reverse mermaid to a burrito. Angelique DeVil expresses herself through a variety of personas, including using a Jesus puppet.As performers, they’re often enjoyable to watch, and interviews reveal who they are offstage. There’s real talent here, whether in more traditional dance, breathing fire or creatively raunchy puppetry. Director Jon Manning explores the performance art beyond its titillating reputation.


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